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One of my inspirations

Posted on January 08, 2014 by Isky Roberts

When thinking about what to write for the Dot & Cross blog I thought the best way to introduce myself was to write about one of the things that inspires me.

I am proud to be British but I am also half Turkish and every time I visit Turkey it always feels like coming home. It surprises me how much I miss the sights and sounds: from the call to prayer, the strong tea (without milk) that needs two sugar cubes to sweeten it, to the perfect timing of the simit seller who would make his rounds every morning selling the ring shaped bread that accompanies every Turkish breakfast.

Here are some snaps of my recent trip to the city Izmir. I hope you enjoy them.


The famous clock tower in Konak, Izmir

Beautiful view looking over the gulf of Izmir

A dog sleeping in the midday sun oblivious to everyone around him. There are a lot more dogs roaming around the city and no one seems to bother them.

A Turkish post box. It looks more like a work of art with its arabesque decoration but the slot at the front reminds you of its function J

The Turkish flag flapping in the breeze

Two boys defying gravity…X

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