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My favourite time of year - Spring

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Isky Roberts

Spring is my favourite time of year. To see everything slowly come back to life from the bees buzzing to the opening of the daffodils, the colours and vibrancy is something to behold.


I love to sit in my garden and watch bumblebees flying lazily from flower to flower having their fill of nectar. Seeing a bee always reminds me how the tiniest of creatures contribute so much to us: the sweet tasting honey, the wonderful smell of beeswax candles to name a few. 

It reminds me to never take things for granted and to protect this wonderful insect. We can all do our bit and plant bee friendly flowers in our gardens. As Carol Ann Duffy says in her book of poems The Bees:


‘Bees are the batteries of orchards, gardens, guard them’


Spring also reminds me of a song by Hugo Wolf ‘Auch kleine Dinge’ (Even the little things). It is a short sweet song which talks about how the little things bring joy to our lives – the sought after pearl, the goodness of an olive and the smell of a rose. 

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